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Cosmetic Tattoo

Offered exclusively by Principal Therapist Jen & Brow Expert Zoe, our Cosmetic Tattoo services deliver the best in semi-permanent makeup enhancements.                                                           

Cosmetic tattooing is the newest method of semi-permanent enhancements. Imagine waking up every day with defined brows and tinted lips. This service provides an effortless alternative to traditional makeup methods and is performed by our highly qualified and skilled cosmetic tattoo artists. 

A consultation is required prior to booking where we can discuss your desired shape and colour, and assess your suitability for the treatment. 

Cosmetic tattoo appointments are a two step process. At the initial appointment the pigment is deposited and your desired shape is established. Six weeks later at your perfecting appointment, your final result will be created. We recommend an annual touch up appointment if you are looking to intensify the pigment but it is an entirely individual preference.


unnamed (3).png

Ombre Power Brows by Zoe

unnamed (4).png

Lip Blushing by Jen

Q. How long does each appointment take?
A. We allow three hours for your initial appointment to ensure that the treatment area is perfectly mapped out and that pigment is deposited into the space evenly. 
At the follow up perfecting appointment we typically allow up to two and a half hours to ensure your desired results are achieved. 

Q. How long do results last for?
A. Result longevity depends on a wide variety of factors including skin type, lifestyle, and medical factors, however typically we expect results for up to three years.

Q. Does it hurt?
A. To ensure the treatment is as comfortable as possible, a topical numbing gel is applied to the treatment area throughout the session. You may feel some mild discomfort but otherwise it is a comfortable experience. 

Q. How long does it take to heal?
A. Post session the pigment will appear intense and bright. During the healing process, which can take up to a week, the area will peel and reveal the true pigment underneath which is a gentle wash of colour. Some people also experience some mild swelling for a few days post treatment. 

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